What does “hand-tied” mean?
Hand-tied refers to the wefts of hair and the extension method. For this method, we only use hand-tied wefts, meaning they are sewn together entirely by hand, making the wefts incredibly thin and flexible. They are also sewn into your hair entirely by hand, using a beaded method that places all the tension onto the beads and not on your natural hair, resulting in less damage!

How many wefts will I need?
Every head is special. The amount of wefts you will need to make your hair look the most natural depends on a few factors like hair type, thickness, the size of your head, desired look, etc. Your stylist will be able to estimate how many wefts you will need during your consultation, however they will not know the final number until they are installing the wefts during the application process.

How long does it last? What can I expect to upkeep?
As your natural hair grows out, your extensions will need to be tightened every 6-8 weeks. As long as the hair is being taken care of and you’re using the recommended products, your extensions should only need to be replaced every 8-12 months.

Can I workout/pull my hair up with these extensions?
YES! Hand-tied wefts are incredibly thin and flexible so you are able to style your hair the same way you would without extensions!

What products do you recommend?
We are constantly on the hunt for the best products to keep your hair (both natural and extensions) healthy and beautiful. Most of us at the salon have the extensions ourselves, so we are able to test all sorts of products and find what works best. Our stylists will always recommend our current favorites during your consultation and appointments.

Are they hard to wash?
The extensions are easy to wash, but they do require a little extra attention than you are giving to your natural hair now. We will always recommend which shampoo and conditioner you should use in order to keep your extensions healthy for the longest amount of time possible. That being said, you can expect your blow-dry time to increase because you have added extra hair to your head! We have found that most people we know with hand-tied extensions are able to decrease their washing to 1-2 times per week.

How long will I be in the salon?
Depending on your hair color and desired finished look, your initial appointment can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. Your stylist will be able to give you a better time estimate at your consultation. Tightening appointments depend on how many rows of wefts you have, but typically take about 1-2 hours (not including color, if needed).

How much does it cost?
**All pricing is an estimate and not a final price for the service**

FIRST TIME CLIENTS can expect to invest $1600-$2100 for their initial extension appointment.
This includes:

• Hand-tied wefts of real, human hair

• Custom color for your hair and the extensions

• Hand-sewing the extensions into your hair

• Haircut & Styling to ensure they seamlessly blend

• 20% gratuity automatically added at checkout

RETURNING CLIENTS can expect the following:

• Tighten the extensions every 6-8 weeks

• Replace the hair every 8-12 months with brand new hair

• Refresh color and cut as usual

A usual tightening appointment ranges between $125-$250 (depending on how many rows you have)