Hello, my name is...


I am a Lead Stylist @ Hank & Ax


How long have you been doing hair?
graduated Dec 2004

Why did you choose cosmetology?
what's better than creating beautiful hair while chatting it up with great people?

What is your favorite part of your job?
inspiration & creation

Any hobbies?
traveling, scuba diving, fitness, skincare

Favorite social media app and how to find you:
Instagram me! @myhairattitude

Favorite vacation spot?
Italy, Spain or Cali

Favorite animal and why?
well my dog stole my heart, but I love all the underwater sea creatures.  they are so unique and I love when the fish look like they've had their makeup done.

Goal you'd like to accomplish:
*scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
*speak 2nd language - Polish or Spanish
*my bucket list

Inside or outside?
outside, its where the magic happens

Favorite joke?
blonde jokes

Favorite sport?
to play: sand volleyball
to watch: soccer, those fellas always have super fly hair & sexy bods

Favorite karaoke song?
This Is How We Do It

Anyone you'd like to meet?
God, lol, explain your sense of humor to me
Marilyn Monroe

How would you describe your style?
chic, sexy & a splash of funk

Favorite store(s) to shop for clothes?
Zara & Asos & Bergdorf Goodman

Favorite fashion trend?
funky bra straps, knits, high-waist everything & the 70's are so flirty

Any character that you relate to?
Wonder Woman

Do you love or hate roller coasters?
do I get to sit in the front row?

Any pet peeves?
pessimistic mindset

Who was your first crush?

What was your first job?
Ashley Lynns Tanning Salon - free tans!

Speak any different languages?
I try, I know baby Polish

Favorite color?
depends on what I'm coloring - I love them all!

What superpower do you want?
magic wand or wiggle my nose like Bewitched

When is your birthday?
October 21st

How many U.S. states have you visted?